Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth is continuing to do well in the NICU. Her breast-milk feedings have increased to 12ml every 4 hours and she is tolerating them well. She has gained a little weight back and was 2lbs 7oz this morning.

She is on room level oxygen and is no longer on the CPAP. She has a nasal cannula and has been doing well on it. She is still having “episodes” where she forgets to breath but her alarms go off, the nurses rub her back and she snaps right back. As an example, she had five “episodes” since 7:30pm last night but the doctor said for her age, size and being on the nasal cannula having 5 is actually not bad. She is on a higher dose of caffeine to help stimulate her breathing and the hope is as it builds up in her system she will have fewer of these episodes. If the episodes don’t improve or get worse they will put her back on the CPAP for a while until her nervous system matures more.

I am able to hold Elizabeth twice a day for Kangaroo Care, which is direct skin to skin contact. She responds well to the Kangaroo Care, her stats all improve when I’m holding her. I’m sure my stats improve too!

Luke isn’t allowed in the NICU (only 18 and older are allowed) so he hasn’t been able to see his baby sister yet. We have shown him photos and talk about Elizabeth all the time though. He is a bit confused still but excited to meet her.

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