Christmas Day

I woke Luke up.  I tried to be patient… but I failed.  He was a little grouchy at first but after a few minutes of discussing presents Santa might have left him he was persuaded to check it out.  I think he was a little confused at first.

We had lunch with Luke’s Great Grandmother Lucille.  Luke was willing to share his trains with her but made sure she got their names correct.

The real fun started when Luke’s cousin Ethan arrived.  Here they are having a light saber fight (Ethan is a Star Wars fanatic!).  Notice that “Luke” has the blue good guy light saber. 🙂

Luke and Zoey are catching their first glimpse of a Star Wars movie with Ethan.   They were both so spaced watching the movie.

I bribed Ethan to hug Luke… all it took was one cookie!  He should have held out for more.

There were six baby Longhorn born in time for Christmas.  They are so cute.

Luke really likes the new Buzz and Woody toys he got.  He insisted on hauling both of them around with him for a couple of days.  Now he is mostly taking Woody along… he’s much easier to carry.