Luke and Zoey

Jon took this picture of Luke and Zoey while they were playing in the back yard.  Zoey heard a loud noise and went into what we call “panic mode”.  When she is in panic mode she starts shaking and looses all good sense.  She will let Luke pick her up and hold her which is dangerous for her but makes for great pictures.  Poor Zoey!

Luke and Zoey

Some favorite shots from Luke’s 2-year photo shoot

We had a wonderful photographer named Jennifer Cota take Luke’s 2-year photos.  She really captured his personality and essence in very beautiful and artistic photos.  The photo shoot was so much fun… Jennifer is a doll to work with and Luke warmed up to her fast.  We went to the park by our house, down to a creek, he rode his bike, we visited the coy pond at the botanical gardens, and more.  We are just so pleased with the pictures and will treasure them forever.