Luke is two!

It’s hard to believe Luke is already two years old.  It feels like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital; yet I can’t remember life without him.  He has grown and changed so much and he surprises us everyday.  Looking at this vibrant happy baby who’s so full of life, it’s truly difficult to remember anything is wrong with his heart.  We are so blessed Luke continues to thrive!

We had a little celebration with close friends and family for Luke’s birthday.  He is obsessed with Thomas the Train so that was the theme of the party.

It was a beautiful day so we filled up the baby pool with water balloons and the kids had a blast launching them at the grown ups.


Luke’s Thomas the Train cake was so cute.


We lit a candle on a cupcake for Luke and he blew it out himself on the first try.  I was impressed!


Luke was in heaven with all the sweets.  He takes after his dad.


He figured out how to open presents but he wanted to play with everything he opened so it was hard to keep him focused.



Luke got a cool bike for his birthday.  He is working on learning to balance but it’s a little tricky at first.


Easter Weekend

Easter weekend at Jon’s parent’s farm was so much fun.  Luke participated in the church easter egg hunt, ate lots of delicious food, fed the Longhorns, pushed around wheel barrows, threw rocks in the pond, went for walks… the list of fun could go on and on.

Checking out the Longhorns.


Luke did not feel like posing for pictures with the Blue Bonnets.  His cousin Ethan was a much better sport.




Family picture.  We even got our little dog Zoey to join in the fun (or torture as Jon would explain it).


Luke and Ethan throwing rocks into the pond.


This cracks me up because it looks like the dogs and babies are there all alone.  Lord of the Flies watch out!


Pilot in training

We visited the USS Lexington museum while we were at the Corpus Christi Beach.  Luke loved being on the giant aircraft carrier and looking at all of the airplanes and helicopters they have preserved there.  He got to sit inside a jet and thought that was pretty neat.


Jon and Luke walked around and touched all the airplanes and jets on display and enjoyed looking at the ocean from the ships high vantage point.


Me and my little honey…


The whole “crew” hanging on the ship.


Corpus Christi Beach

Jon, Luke and I went to Corpus Christi, TX to take care of my little brother and sister while our parents went to Maui.  I guess we are gluttons for punishment because we also took care of their friends’ two kids (who they went with).  We had a 16 year old, two 13 years olds, a 10 year old and a toddler to keep us busy for 9 days.  These are some picture from our trip to the beach.  It was windy and a little chilly but Luke and the kids had fun splashing around in the surf.