Luke is quite the artist…

So, I learned a lesson.  Don’t give the baby markers to “draw on paper” while you’re in the middle of cooking dinner.  This is especially true when you get a brand new couch that looks like a beautiful blank canvas…


I am proud of his artwork… he really has good control.    Just look at those circles and loops.  He is a little advanced in my opinion.


I didn’t notice this until after I cleaned off the couch.  The sad thing is he was standing right behind me coloring these cabinets and I never noticed.  I finally got the marker off using a magic eraser.


Luke got to sit in the drivers seat

Before the ride Luke went up to the conductor and started having some sort of conversation about “choo choo tains”.  He went on and on and was clearly excited.  The conductor asked if Luke would like to sit in the drivers seat.  I said “oh my gosh, he would love that!”.  I hoisted him up and sat him down.  He immediately said “geeet doooowwwnn, geeeet dooown, get down .  I snaped this picture and put him down.  He then proceeded to continue his conversation with the conductor (after being so rudely interrupted) and followed him around “talking” to him until it was time for the ride.


Front Yard Photos

I snapped these pictures with the wonderful Digital SLR camera Jon bought me for my birthday.  It takes such clear pictures!   Now I’ve got to take a class to figure out how to take advantage of all the neat things it can do.  For now I have it on auto focus and it’s going well.


I offered Luke a rock to get him to take this picture.


If there is a Kid sized ledge or a step Luke will plop down and sit.